The Top Three Picks When It Comes to Home Rowing Machines

You are building a home gym and have decided a home rower will be your first piece of equipment. This is a wise choice, as these machines tend to be very affordable and provide a workout for the entire body. A rowing machine exercises the major muscles, and users can vary their workout simply by making small changes. Now it is time to decide which rower to buy. Following are three machines every person should put on their list of models to consider.

The JLL R200 Home Rower

Individuals on a budget should consider the JLL R200 rowing machine. It’s perfect for beginners, and those who have used rowing machines in the past will find its performance excellent. While it isn’t as sturdy as some of its costlier siblings, the machine is sturdy enough for the average user. An LCD monitor is included to provide information about the workout, and the machine is very quiet, which many will appreciate.

The JTX Freedom Air Rower

For individuals looking for a sturdier model or one that comes with a better display, the JTX Freedom air rower should be researched. Similar in many ways to the JLL R200 home rower, this machine does offer some extras many users are looking for. For example, this model comes with a free chest strap for heart rate monitoring. Furthermore, it can be folded and moved from location to location thanks to the attached wheels.

The Concept 2 Model D

Individuals looking for a top-of-the-line home rower need look no further than the Concept 2 Model D. This machine, while costly, is excellent in every way. The handles and foot straps are some of the best on the market today, and users can adjust the machine to meet their unique needs. Furthermore, the display can easily be read during a workout, the machine is very sturdy, and the ride is quiet and smooth.

Regardless of which machine is purchased, individuals need to use the equipment regularly to obtain the best results. This is one reason many people are opting to drop their gym membership and outfit a home gym. Working out becomes easier when the equipment is in the home, and a home rower is a perfect choice for the first purchase thanks to the many models available.

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